St. Paddy’s Day Celebration for St. Baldricks March 11th

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Center of the Universe is proud to host the 3rd annual St. Paddy's Day Celebration to support the St. Baldricks Foundation. This free celebration is open to the public and is from 1pm-9pm. Bring your green hat, high spirits, and thirst for fun. Below are a few more details on the event. Live Music All Day Silent Auction (all proceeds benefit St. Baldricks) Raffle Prizes (all proceeds benefit St. Baldricks) Food Trucks Limited Irish Beer [...]

Florida Roots Double IPA Release March 4th

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Come celebrate the debut of our new March seasonal, Florida Roots on March 4th! This double IPA is brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Motueka hops which creates a bouquet of stone fruit, citrus, and intense pineapple flavors. Crafted to minimize the bittering quality of the hops, this beer puts the flavor and floral components on the front line. Some people might call this a New England style IPA or Juice Bomb, but we just call [...]

Bourbon Great Scotch Release Feb. 4th

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We are proud to release the 2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Great Scotch! The beer will be available in both 750ml bottles and on draft. Details on the brew below: As bold and poignant as a Patrick Henry speech, our Barrel Aged Scotch Ale will liberate your soul from the inside out. Named for the historic residence of old Pat himself, this malt-forward brew enjoys a "wee heavier" alcohol content than your average ale. Aged in [...]

Anti-Valentines Day Party February 11th

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Do you love Valentine’s Day? Do you love the flowers? The cards? The candies? Creepy little Cherubs? Unrealistic romantic comedies? If you said yes, that’s neat. If you said no. Congratulations. We are the place for you this Valentine’s Day! There aren’t going to be any crazy red hearts, flowers, or those candies with creepy pre-written messages. There is going to be lots of beer, live music, tacos, and a bunch of like minded people [...]

2017 COTU Wort Share Now Registering

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Are you a homebrewer in the Central Virginia area? We want to share our wort with you! We will be producing a batch of wort and giving it away so you can produce your own beer to be judged by COTU staff and special guests. The winning beer will then be produced as a one‐off on a production level to be distributed throughout the greater Richmond region. Date: Saturday, January 21st Time: Mash in at [...]

January 7th: IV Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Quad Release

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IV ( Four ) is a traditional Belgian Quadrupel clocking in at 10.6% alcohol by volume. This complex brew exudes flavors of dates, figs, and caramel. The beer is finished aged red wine barrels to add to the already intricate array of dark fruits.  750ml bottles and draft available.  Beach Fries food truck will be here serving up some ocean favorites to help drown out the cold.

The COTU Guide to Thanksgiving

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If there's one truth to be told it's that beer pairs with everything. It pairs with turkey, football games, cakes and pies, big family gatherings, awkward conversations, catching up with loved ones... Everything. Whether you're loading up your car to head out of town, or bracing yourself for the full house you're about to have, we've got your guide to the perfect Thanksgiving pairings! Word to the wise: Stock up on all of your COTU Brew [...]

Dos Duderino Variant Release 12/10

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This is a beer release of Dude-like proportions! Inspired by overachievers, line fouls, and nihilists, Dos Duderinos is here to settle the score. Twice the power of El Duderino, this libation isn't for the weak minded. There is no ringer, piece, or Pomeranian strong enough to compete with its force. Nobody messes with Dos Duderinos and on December 10th, you'll know why. Now here's where it starts to get interesting... Here's where you need to [...]

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Shut Up Release Party 11/25

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It’s Black Friday.  Your friends and family have worn your patience thin.  They are heading out to the stores to grab the latest, cheapest, foreign made, single use television on sale.  Thankfully for you, we are opening up at 12pm to give you what you really need, a nice tall glass of Shut Up!  Head on out to the brewery to enjoy some live tunes, delicious beverages, and of course your first taste of the [...]

COTU 4th Anniversary and Origin Grand Opening Preview

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Twas only 4 years ago we donned green suits and opened the doors of Center of the Universe Brewing Company. We've grown, expanded, and given the place a facelift since then but here we are, 4 years old and ready to celebrate another year. Here's a rundown of the events planned over our three day celebration. Friday, November 18th Friday kicks off our three day celebration with an anniversary tradition: the release of The Richard Imperial [...]